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Work experience opportunities

Imagine getting a taste of life on the other side of your TV screen. Having the chance to see how talented people come together to deliver that amazing live action on Sky Sports. Or even ground-breaking news that comes direct to you, wherever you are.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering. We provide a range of short-term Work Experience opportunities across a number of different departments. Usually lasting between one and two weeks, these are designed to give you a flavour of working life here at Sky, while showing you the full range of careers we offer. Different opportunities crop up throughout the year, so make sure you keep in touch via Facebook/Twitter.

The Sky Academy inspires young people, supports emerging talent and helps build skills and self-belief for future generations. It brings together a range of opportunities Sky delivers for young people, including all our Starting Out opportunities detailed on this website.

Sky Academy

Business Work Experience

It takes all sorts of jobs to run a business like ours. Find out more about the people behind the people on your TV.

Media Work Experience

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Sky? How do all those brilliant programmes get made? This is your chance to find out.

Technology Work Experience

Great technology is central to Sky. Get a first-hand look at all the gizmos and gadgets that give our customers what they want, just when they want it.

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